Napkin Ribbons

Do-it-Yourself Napkin Ribbons 

Whenever we are hosting a special dinner for family or friends, it is tradition for us to make the dinner table as attractive and as presentable as possible. How? One can do this by coordinating the accessories used in the table and tying them all together using a single colour scheme. And fortunately for us, there are now several table linens that come in different designs and colours giving homeowners more choice for their table designs. Apart from the table cloths, the place mats and the table napkins, one of the most important accessories in the dining table are the napkin ribbons. 

But what are napkin ribbons in the first place? This is a table accessory that is used to hold the table napkin in place. Apart from this use, this accessory also has a key role in table decoration since there are now equally attractive ribbons sold in textile stores. Gone are the ordinary napkin rings that used to hold napkin sheets. Now, for special occasions, creative ribbons are now used to hold the table napkin in place and at the same time, create a more dramatic and beautiful effect on the table. Although these pieces are commonly seen in your textile stores, did you know that you can save on these napkin ribbons by simply making one for yourself? This is a great idea especially for dinners with a single motif where you can customize every piece to fit your design scheme! This article will give you great tips on how to make napkin holders and rings for that special dinner date! So read on and enjoy learning! 

You do not really need to spend a lot when it comes to making napkin ribbons. You can simply use materials that are already found at home. And because motif dinners only happen once, you do not need to necessarily make ones that will last you a long time. One of the most common homemade napkin holders are those made out of toilet paper tube. This material is great to use because they are durable enough to hold your napkins but can be disposable as well. Now that you have the base for your holder, all you need is some glue, some paint and decorative materials and you are good to go! You can use an acrylic paint colour that will go well with your table décor. You can also make use of ribbon trimmings, twigs, leaves – it’s just a matter of how creative you can get! Now, paste them all together with some good old glue gun or maybe some native ties to create a more dramatic effect. 

With home made napkin ribbons, you can easily make and customize one for any dinner occasion! So the next time you plan to host a special dinner at home, why not make it extra special by putting on added effort in your table design? Now, it does not have to cost you additional dollars since you can make all these right at home!