Sustainability Policy

Northfields is committed to complying with all relevant legislation, meeting industry best practice and exceeding where possible. NLH Ltd, trading as Northfields provides event/banqueting linen rental and  laundry services to both the UK and the international market.
Northfields are already pursuing a variety of environmental initiatives and would like to formalize their commitment to environmental best practice through this policy document.
Green Procurement
Northfields will consider the environmental impact in every purchase decision and make the most environmentally friendly choice where financially viable.
Northfields will manage their waste according to the waste hierarchy; Prevent, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover, and since 2013 stopped sending waste to landfill resulting in year on year growth within recycling and less harmful waste disposal.  As a business Northfields has:
    - On average, recycled 5.6 tonnes of material each year
    - On average, managed to recycle 30% of all waste being disposed of.
    - On average, each year saved over 31 cubic metres of landfill space, which is equivalent to the size of a storage container
    - On average, saved the equivalent of 28 trees through our waste disposal methods which has contributed to over 2 tonnes of Co2 being absorbed from the atmosphere each year through their prosperity.
Northfields have invested heavily in new plant machinery for their laundry, and use machinery that achieves high standards of efficiency in terms of energy consumption. Northfields has also installed a Voltage Optimiser on our electricity supply which flattens spikes in electricity usage and saves energy.
In addition to this, there is lagging on all of the pipework and double glazed windows throughout the building which all contribute to energy saving.
Through their waste disposal techniques and the fact they send zero waste to landfill, they contributed to the recovery of 15000 kgs of energy each year
Northfields has spend years refining its own products in the Far East to develop a variety of linen types, that are sustainable, colourfast and high quality, all with the ability to be able to be washed at lower temperatures with excellent results, therefore cutting energy, water and wastage in the process.
In the not too distant future, Northfields is planning to incorporate water conservation fixtures into their laundry system to allow water to be reused within the wash process.

During the normal course of business Northfields will endeavor to maximize the efficiency of all journeys and reduce fuel consumption where possible. Northfields currently run a full fleet of ULEZ compliant delivery vehicles and have a vehicle tracking system where driver behavior is monitored to make us safer on the roads, reduce wear and tear on our vehicles and save fuel. This has led to us being awarded “Silver Status”  for helping to contribute to a year on year reduction of C02 emissions through our vehicle fleet.

Ongoing Commitment
Northfields commit to continually raising staff awareness of the environmental impact of their behaviour at work and continuous improvement of environmental performance.”
Northfields business activity will be periodically monitored to ensure that it adheres to the ethos of this policy.