Greatest Achievement: Buying a new bicycle in 2002
My Biggest Regret: Never using the bicycle
Right now I'm loving: Deal or No Deal. Please dont call me between 4:15 and 5:00. Thank you 
My Hero: Gordon Brown. It cant be easy running a country when you havent a clue how to.
My favourite Food: Anything Richard brings to the office
My ideal job? : To be The Banker on Deal or No Deal

Greatest Achievement: Finally got that ironer back up and running.
Music of the moment: I Wanna Know How It Works! 
Right now I'm loving: Washing the grease off my hands for the fifth time today.
My favourite Food: Pizza

Greatest Achievement: negotiating a $330K deal to supply linens to Russia - in a smoke filled room for 20 hours
Music of the moment: Andrea Bocelli,
Right now I'm loving: The challange of beating the Credit Crunch and Recession by being proactive in everything I do in the business and making sure my colleagues are following the same path Walking my dog along the Southend Sea front every night whilst the weather is good gives me plenty of time to plan ahead and think of the future.
My Hero: Winston Churchill
My favourite Food: Roast Beef

Greatest Achievement: Wrote off a 3 ton truck
Music of the moment: Nickleback
Right now I'm loving: Leicester Tigers becoming premiership champions 2009 after beating London Irish in the final 10 - 9.
My Hero: Dom Pierre Perignon
My favourite Food: Chilli
My Favourite Pastime? : Watching England beat Wales in the Six Nations 

Greatest Achievement: Climbing the 3 highest mountains in Britain in less than 24 hours (which includes travelling to and from them, total 21 hrs 43 mins)
Music of the moment: Snow Patrol, Scripts, Akon
Right now I'm loving: The start of the summer and hopefully lots of hot weather
My Hero: Michael Jordan
My favourite Food: Roast Dinner
What football team do i support : Charlton Athletic - unfortunately 

Greatest Achievement: Running 3 miles in searing heat for charity at Hyde Park
Music of the moment: Pink
Right now I'm loving: The Sunshine
My Hero: My soulmate
My favourite Food: Curry
My favourite car : Any old Aston martin 

Greatest Achievement: Being the lead role in the New Adventures of Skippy.
Music of the moment: Britney Spears (sad, I know)
Right now I'm loving: the weather!
My Hero: Spongebob Square Pants
My favourite Food: Prawn Korma

Greatest Achievement: Finding time to be a great Mum
Music of the moment: PussyCats Dolls
Right now I'm loving: Big brother reality TV Show
My Hero: Tara Banks
True or False : I took part in a TV advert for McDonalds Restaurant 

Greatest Achievement: My 2 great children
Music of the moment: Imelda May & Taylor Swift I have big collection dating back 50 years
Right now I'm loving: Watching my grandson grow up 
My Hero: Tim Martin
My favourite Food: Sea Bass

Greatest Achievement: Becoming who I am today!
Music of the moment: Lyfe Jennings someone who touches my soul as well as my feet
Right now I'm loving: The Zeitgest check it out if you are interested in how the world works 
My Hero: Josh :)
My favourite Food: Hungarian & Creole
Favourite Quote : Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans J. Lennon