Linens are one of the most well loved fabrics used both for textiles and apparels. This material has been used since the ancient times, and is known for its coolness and durability. For apparels, they are popular materials for summer clothes and hot weathers. This kind of cloth is particularly hard to manufacture, but once made, it can be a very durable and comfortable cloth to put on. Although linen is originally made from a flax plant, cotton or other fibres that are weaved in a similar way can also be called as “linen”. In the past, linens used to be considered a luxury. But today, it can now be found in the mainstream market and used for various purposes. 

One of the most popular uses of linen is in the textile industry, as bed and bath fabrics. They make soft and beautiful fabrics that are extremely comfortable and cosy. The more times they are used, worn and washed, the more they become softer and shinier. Apart from that, linen cloth is hypoallergenic making then the preferred material for those with sensitive skins and allergies. They are known to be resistant to the growth of molds, fungi and other forms of bacteria. Today, pure linen sheets are used as a status symbol for the rich and the privileged. 

But if we come to think of it, what is really there in linen that makes it extremely comfortable and cool? Linen has a very special property of high permeability to air and high heat conductivity. What does this mean? It means this cloth can keep you cool during hot days but warm and cosy in cold weathers. This makes them way better than cotton or expensive silk. They also have the ability to absorb 20 percent of its own weight in moisture before showing signs of dampness, which makes it great for humid climates. They do not get stained easily making them very easy to clean and wash. 

Pure linen sheets may come expensive but they are considered to be a very good investment. This is because they do not fade or lose shape as easily as other materials do. And as said earlier, the more they are used, the more comfortable and soft the turn out! And because of their durability, they have become beautiful family heirlooms where they are passed on and used from generation to generation. 

So the next time you are hunting for bed and bath sheets, then buying linen material is the best choice to make. Having them in your bed guarantees you a more comfortable and pleasant sleep. They may be quite expensive but they are a good investment to make. These kinds of sheets can last you for a long, long time. Plus, linen textiles are very popular in the market and thus, easy to find. They come in numerous colours and prints that you will surely love! So choose linen sheets today – you will never regret it!