What You Need to Know About Linen Napkins 

Linen napkins never fail to give that added charm to any dinner table. They can be used as beautiful table accessories by coordinating the colour of your napkins with you plates and table cloth. On the more practical side, these types of napkins allow you to save money. Instead of using disposable paper napkins, having a cloth napkin that you can easily wash and use again can save you several helpful dollars. In a way, this could also be an environment friendly choice considering that paper from paper napkins are manufactured from trees. Saying no to disposable napkins also lessen the amount of garbage in your homes. Although sloth napkins costs more than the disposable ones, being able to use them again and again will allow you to save more compared to having to buy a new batch of paper napkins every now and then. 

Using linen napkins may mean more laundry work for you, but here is one thing you need to know. You do not necessarily need to wash these cloth napkins after every meal. For family dinners, you can just fold these napkins up and place them in the respective places of your family members. That way, each member of the family will be using the same piece on the next meal. And if you want to add a bit of style to your table, you can also make use of napkin rings to hold them in place. 

But if the time will come when you really need to wash these table accessories, then there are some things that you need to keep in mind when washing linen napkins. First, treat you cloth napkins just as you treat any clothing with food stains on them. Wash them separately with your clothing because food stains are very prone to stain other types of linens. And just line any linen sheet; never bleach them with the ordinary bleaching agent. Instead, use hydrogen peroxide as your bleaching agent. 

Linen napkins can be washed in your washing machine but always remember that they require gentle washing. This is to keep the fabric from losing its form and shape. During this time, you can now add a little amount of hydrogen peroxide as your bleaching agent. And when it comes to drying, always remember that linen clothing can shrink. So never dry them at high temperatures or, to be on the safe side, air dry the over the clothesline instead. And to get that nice and crisp look, especially if you want to display the cloth napkins on the table standing up, then you can iron them at medium heat while still damp. 

There is a numerous selection of linen napkins available in the market. This variety allows you to play around with colours for a more beautiful table presentation before the meal. Although there are napkins that are made up of other materials such as cotton and silk, linens are well know for their resistance to stains and dirt.