Washing Tips for Linen Clothing 

Linen clothing is one of the most popular clothing materials sold during the summer. This is because linens are especially cool and comfortable even in hot weather. Apart from that, linens are very durable and do not fade easily making them perfect for everyday wear. But in spite of this “durability”, it is also equally important that we know how to take care of these clothing items. If we do so, then this piece can last us for years to come. This article will give you great tips on how to care for your linen clothes and how to keep them looking as good as new! 

When it comes to washing linen clothing, the best and most important thing for you to do is to always follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions. This is the safest way to go especially when washing new clothing pieces. You must remember that not all types of linens can be washed in a washing machine. For linens that can be worn with a few wrinkles on them, washing is definitely okay. But for crisp linens, then the best cleaning option would be to use a dry cleaning agent. For those of you who are experts in those do-it-yourself dry cleaning kits, then by all means, you can do it on your own. But if not, you can just simply drop it in your nearest dry cleaner. 

For linen clothing that can be washed using a washing machine, always be on the safe side and wash it using the gentlest cycle. It is even much better to do hand washing. Another very important thing you need to remember about linens is that it is a natural fibre, which means that the dye can bleed out during washing. So to be on the safe side, separate the dark coloured pieces form the light ones. When it comes to water temperature, wash these pieces with warm and not hot water. What’s the difference? Put your hands in the water for a minute or two, if you can withstand the temperature, then that would be good enough to wash your linens on. 

Make sure that your soap if thoroughly mixed in water. If not, this could lead to brown blotches on the cloth which is very visible in white and light coloured linen clothing. And if ever you need to bleach them, do not use just ordinary bleach. Instead, use hydrogen peroxide to remove those tough stains. And finally, keep in mind that some linens can shrink so do not just go ironing your linen clothing. And if you do need to iron them, do so using medium heat or temperature. A steam iron is also a safe option for ironing. 

Now that you have these easy and effective washing tips for your precious linen clothing, you can now be confident enough to shop more for these kinds of items. If washed and cared for the right way, linen clothes can last you for years and years to come – and still look brand new!