Northfields commit to complying with all relevant legislation, meeting industry best practice and exceeding where possible. 

NLH Ltd, trading as Northfields provides Banqueting Linen sale, rental and laundry services to both the UK and international market.

Northfields are already pursuing a variety of environmental initiatives and would like to formalise their commitment to environmental best practice through this policy document.

Green Procurement

Northfields will consider environmental impact in every purchase decision and make the most environmentally friendly choice where financially viable.

Northfields will manage their waste according to the waste hierarchy; Prevent, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover, and commit to reducing the amount sent to landfill by 70%.

Northfields have invested heavily in new plant for their laundry, and use machinery that achieves high standards of efficiency in terms of energy consumption. Northfields are currently restructuring their heating system to improve its energy efficiency, it is predicted that this will achieve considerable savings.

Northfields is planning to incorporate water conservation fixtures into their laundry system.

During the normal course of business Northfields will endeavour to maximise the efficiency of journeys and reduce fuel consumption where possible. Northfields are currently investigating the use of Bio-diesel in their fleet of delivery vans. 
Northfields commit to raising staff awareness of the environmental impact of their behaviour at work and continuous improvement of environmental performance.
Business activity will be periodically monitored to ensure that it adheres to the ethos of this policy. This policy will be reviewed within one year.